Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound (English) (XML Header) [genre: poetry; drama; tragedy; suspect] [word count] [Aesch. PV].
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Io Ah me, ah me, alas!

Prometheus What! You are crying and groaning again? What will you do, I wonder, when you have learned the sufferings still in store for you?

Chorus 745What! Can it be that you have sufferings still left to recount to her?

Prometheus Yes, a tempestuous sea of calamitous distress.

Io What gain have I then in life? Why did I not hurl myself straightaway from this rugged rock, so that I was dashed to earth and freed from 750all my sufferings? It is better to die once and for all than linger out all my days in misery.

Prometheus Ah, you would hardly bear my agonies to whom it is not foredoomed to die; for death would have freed me from my sufferings. 755But now no limit to my tribulations has been appointed until Zeus is hurled from his sovereignty.

Io What! Shall Zeus one day be hurled from his dominion?

Prometheus You would rejoice, I think, to see that happen.

Io Why not, since it is at the hand of Zeus that I suffer?

Prometheus 760Then you may assure yourself that these things are true.

Io By whom shall he be despoiled of the sceptre of his sovereignty?

Prometheus By himself and his own empty-headed purposes.

Io In what way? Oh tell me, if there be no harm in telling.

Prometheus He shall make a marriage that shall one day cause him distress.

Io 765With a divinity or with a mortal? If it may be told, speak out.

Prometheus Why ask with whom? I may not speak of this.

Io Is it by his consort that he shall be dethroned?

Prometheus Yes, since she shall bear a son mightier than his father.

Io And has he no means to avert this doom?

Prometheus 770No, none—except me, if I were released from bondage.

Io Who then is to release you against the will of Zeus?

Prometheus It is to be one of your own grandchildren.

Io What did you say? A child of mine will release you from your misery?

Prometheus The third in descent after ten generations.

Io 775Your prophecy is not easy to understand.

Prometheus Yes, so do not seek to learn the full extent of your own sufferings.

Io Do not offer me a favor and then withdraw it.

Prometheus I will present you with one or other of two tales.

Io Which two? Set them forth and offer me the choice.

Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound (English) (XML Header) [genre: poetry; drama; tragedy; suspect] [word count] [Aesch. PV].
<<Aesch. PV 696 Aesch. PV 742 (Greek) >>Aesch. PV 780

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