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Athena No, I will not grow tired of telling you about these good things, so you will never be able to say that you, an ancient goddess, were cast out, dishonored and banished, from this land by me, a younger goddess, and by the mortal guardians of my city. But if you give holy reverence to Persuasion, 885the sweetness and charm of my tongue, then you might remain. But if you are not willing to stay, then surely it would be unjust for you to inflict on this city any wrath or rage or harm to the people. For it is possible for you to have a share of the land justly, with full honors. 890

Chorus Lady Athena, what place do you say I will have?

Athena One free from all pain and distress; accept it.

Chorus Say that I have accepted it, what honor awaits me?

Athena That no house will flourish without you. 895

Chorus Will you gain for me the possession of such power?

Athena Yes, for we will set straight the fortunes of those who worship.

Chorus And will you give me a pledge for all time?

Athena Yes, for I have no need to say what I will not accomplish.

Chorus It seems you will win me by your spells; I am letting go my anger. 900

Athena Then stay in the land and you will gain other friends.

Chorus What blessings then do you advise me to invoke on this land?

Athena Blessings that aim at a victory not evil; blessings from the earth and from the waters of the sea and from the heavens: that the breathing gales of wind may approach the land in radiant sunshine, 905and that the fruit of the earth and offspring of grazing beasts, flourishing in overflow, may not fail my citizens in the course of time, and that the seed of mortals will be kept safe. May you make more prosperous the offspring of godly men; 910for I, like a gardener, cherish the race of these just men, free of sorrow.Pointing to the audience.

Such blessings are yours to give. I, for my part, will not allow this city to be without honor among mortals, this city victorious in the glorious contests of deadly war. 915

Aeschylus, Eumenides (English) (XML Header) [genre: poetry; drama; tragedy] [word count] [Aesch. Eum.].
<<Aesch. Eum. 870 Aesch. Eum. 881 (Greek) >>Aesch. Eum. 916

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