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Charlton T. Lewis [1890], An Elementary Latin Dictionary (Trustees of Tufts University, New York, Cincinnati, and Chicago) [word count] [smalllatindico01].

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A A a abactus abacus abalienatio abalieno Abanteus Abantiades abavus abcido Abdera abdicatio abdico abdico abditus abdo abdomen abduco Abella abeo abequito aberam aberratio aberro abfore abhinc abhorrens abhorreo abicio abiecte abiectio abiectus abiegnus abies abigo abiicio abin' abitio abitus abiudico abiungo abiuro ablatus ablegatio ablego abligurrio abludo abluo abnego abnormis abnuo abnuto aboleo abolesco abolitio abolla abominor Aborigines abortio abortivus abortus abrado abreptus abripio abrogatio abrogo abrotonum abrumpo abruptio abruptus abs abscedo abscessio abscessus abscidi abscidi abscido abscindo abscisio abscissus abscisus abscondite absconditus abscondo absens absentia absimilis absisto absolute absolutio absolutus absolvo absonus absorbeo absp- absque abstemius abstergeo absterreo abstinens abstinenter abstinentia abstineo absto abstractus abstraho abstrudo abstrusus abstuli absum absumo absurde absurdus abundans abundanter abundantia abunde abundo abusio abusque abusus abutor Abydenus ac Academia Academicus Academicus Academica Academus acalanthis acanthus Acarnanicus Acbarus accedo acceleratio accendo accenseo accensus accensi accensus acceptio accepto acceptum acceptus accerso accessio accessus Accianus accido accido accisus accingo accio accipio accipiter accisus accitus accitus acclamatio acclamo acclaro acclinatus acclinis acclino acclivis acclivitas acclivus accola accolo accommodate accommodatio accommodatus accommodo accommodus accredo accresco accretio accubatio accubitio accubo accumbo accumulate accumulator accumulo accurate accuratio accuratus accuro accurro accursus accusabilis accusatio accusator accusatorie accusatorius accuso acer acer acerbe acerbitas acerbo acerbus acernus acerra acerrime acersecomes acervalis acervatim acervo acervus acesco acetum Achaei Achaemenes Achaemenius Achaias Achaicus Achais Achaius Acharnanus Acheloius Acheron Acheruns Acherusius Achilles Achilleus Achivus Acidalia acidus acies acinaces acinus acinum acipenser aclys acoenonoetus aconitum acquiesco Acragas acratophoron acredula acriculus acrimonia Acrisioneus Acrisioniades Acrisius acriter acroama acroasis Acroceraunia acta aota Actaeon Actaeus Actaei Actiacus Actias actio actito Actium Actius actor actuaria actuariola actuarius actum actuose actuosus actus actus actutum aculeatus aculeus acumen acuo acus acute acutulus acutum acutus ad adactio adactus adaeque adaequo adamanteus adamantinus adamas adamo adaperio adapertilis adapertus adaquor adaugeo adaugesco adbibo adc- addenseo addenso addico addictio addictus addisco additamentum addo addoceo addubito adduco adducte adductus adedo Adelphi ademptio ademptus adeo adeo adeps adeptio adequito adesdum adesus affabilis affabilitas affabre affatim affatus affectatio affectio affecto affectus affectus affero afficio affigo affingo affinis affinis affinitas affirmans affirmate affirmatio affirmo affixus afflatus afflictatio afflicto afflictor afflictus affligo afflo affluens affluenter affluentia affluo affor adfore affulgeo affundo adfuturus adg- adgn- adhaereo adhaeresco adhaesio adhibeo adhinnio adhortatio adhortator adhortor adhuc adiaceo adicio adiectio adigo adiicio adimo adipatus adipiscor aditus aditus adiudico adiuero adiumentum adiunctio adiunctor adiunctus adiungo adiuro adiuto adiutor adiutrix adiutus adiuvo allabor allaboro allacrimo allapsus allatro allaturus allecto allegatio allego allego allevamentum allevatio allevo allicio allido alligo allino allisus allocutio allocutus alloquium alloquor alludo alluo alluvies alluvio admaturo admetior adminiculo adminiculum administer administra administratio administrator administro admirabilis admirabilitas admirabiliter admirandus admiratio admirator admiror admisceo admissarius admissum admissus admistio admitto admixtio admixtus admodum admolior admoneo admonitio admonitor admonitum admonitus admorsus admotio admoveo admugio admurmuratio admurmuro adnascor adnato adnecto adnexus adnisus adnitor adnixus adno adnoto adnumero adnuntio adnuo adoleo adolescens adolesco adolesco Adonis adoperio adoptatio adoptio adoptivus adopto ador adorea adoreus adorior adorno adoro adp- adquiesco adquiro adrado adrectus adrepo Adria adrideo adrigo adripio adrisio adrodo adrogans adroganter adrogantia adrogo adsc- assecla assectatio assectator assector assecula assensio assensor assensus assensus assentatio assentatiuncula assentator assentatorie assentio assentior assentor assequor assero assero assertor asservio asservo assessio assessor assessus asseveranter asseveratio assevero assideo assido assidue assiduitas assiduus assignatio assigno assilio assimilis assimulatio assimulatus assimulo assisto assitus assoleo assono adsp- adst- assuefacio assuesco assuetudo assuetus assulto assultus adsum assumo assumptio assumptivus assuo assurgo adt- adulans adulatio adulator adulatorius adulescens adulescentia adulescentula adulescentulus adulo adulor adulter adulterinus adulterium adultero adultus adumbratio adumbratus adumbro aduncitas aduncus adurgeo aduro adusque adustus advecticius advecto advectus adveho advelo advena advenio adventicius advento adventus adversarius adversatrix adversio adversor adversum adversus adversum adversus adversum adversus adverto advesperascit advigilo advocata advocatio advocatus advoco advolatus advolo advolvo advorsum adytum aedes aedes aedicula aedificatio aedificatiuncula aedificator aedificium aedifico aedilicius aedilis aedilitas aedilitius aedis aeditimus aedituus Aegaeus aeger aegis aegre aegresco aegrimonia aegritudo aegrotatio aegroto aegrotus Aegyptius aelinos aemulatio aemulator aemulatus aemulor aemulus Aeneius aeneus aenigma aenipes aenus Aeolius aequabilis aequabilitas aequabiliter aequaevus aequalis aequalitas aequaliter aequanimitas aequatio aequatus aeque aequilibritas aequinoctialis aequinoctium aequipero aequitas aequo aequor aequoreus aequum aequus aer aeraria aerarium aerarius aerarius aeratus aereus aerifer aeripes aerugo aerumna aerumnosus aes aesculetum aesculeus aesculus Aesopius aestas aestifer aestimabilis aestimatio aestimator aestimo aestiva aestivus aestuarium aestuo aestuose aestuosus aestus aetas aetatula aeternitas aeterno aeternum aeternus aether aetherius Aethiops aethra aevitas aevum Afer aff- afore Africa Africanus Africus agaso age agellulus agellus agema Agenor agens ager aggemo agger aggero aggero aggestus agglomero agglutino aggravesco aggravo aggredior aggrego aggressio aggressus agilis agilitas agitabilis agitatio agitator agite agito agmen agna Agnalia agnascor agnatio agnatus agnatus agnina agnitio agnosco agnus ago Agonalis agonium agrarius agrarii agraria agrestis agrestis agricola agricultio agripeta Agyieus ah aheneus ai aiens aio Aius ala alacer alacritas alapa alaris alarius alatus Alauda albatus albens albeo albesco albico albidus Albula albulus album albus alces Alcides Alcinous alea aleator aleatorius alec Alecto aleo ales alga algeo algesco algidus algor alias alibi alicubi alicunde alienatio alienatus alienigena alieno alienum alienus alienus alienum aliger alimentarius alimentum alimonium alio alioqui aliorsum alipes aliptes aliqua aliquam aliquamdiu aliquando aliquantisper aliquanto aliquantulum aliquantum aliquantum aliquantus aliqui aliquid aliquis aliquo aliquot aliquotiens alis aliter alium aliunde alius all- allec Allecto Alliensis Allifanus allium Allobrox almus alnus alo aloe alpha Alpinus alsus altaria alte alter altercatio alterco altercor alternis alterno alternus alteruter alticinctus altilis altisonus altitonans altitudo altivolans altor altrix altum altum altus alucinor alumna alumnus aluta alvarium alveolus alveus alvus Alyattes amabilis amabiliter amandatio amando amandus amans amanter amaracus amarantus amarities amaror amarus Amaryllis amata Amathusia amator amatorie amatorius amatus Amazon Amazonis Amazonius ambactus ambages ambedo ambi- ambigo ambigue ambiguitas ambiguus ambio Ambiorix ambitio ambitiose ambitiosus ambitus ambitus ambo Ambracia ambrosia ambrosius ambubaia ambulatio ambulatiuncula ambulo amburo amellus amens amentatus amentia amentum Amerinus ames amethystinus amethystos amfractus amica amice amicio amicitia amictus amictus amicula amiculum amiculus amicus amicus amigro Aminaeus amissio amissum amissus amissus amita amitto amnicola amniculus amnis amo amoenitas amoenus amolior amomum amor amotio amoveo amphibolia Amphictyones Amphion amphitheatrum amphora Amphrysius Amphrysus ample amplector amplexo amplexor amplexus amplexus amplificatio amplificator amplifice amplifico amplio amplitudo amplius amplus Ampsanctus ampulla ampullor amputatio amputo amurca Amyclae Amyclaeus amygdalum amystis an anabathra Anagninus anagnostes analeptris anapaestica anapaestus anas anaticula anatocismus anceps Anchises Anchiseus Anchisiades ancile ancilla ancillaris ancillula ancora ancorale ancorarius andabata androgynus anellus anethum anfractus ango angor anguicomus anguiculus anguifer anguigena anguilla anguineus anguinus anguipes anguis Anguitenens angulatus angulus anguste angustia angusto angustum angustus anhelitus anhelo anhelus anicula Aniensis anilis anilitas aniliter anima animabilis animadversio animadversor animadverto animal animalis animans animatio animatus animo animo animose animosus animosus animula animus Anio annalis annalis anne annecto anniculus annitor anniversarius anno annon annona annosus annotinus annoto annus annuus anquiro ansa anser ante antea Antecanem antecapio antecedens antecedo antecello anteceptus antecessio antecursor anteeo antefero antefixus antegredior antehabeo antehac antelucanus antemeridianus antemitto antemna anteoccupatio antepes antepilanus antepono antequam antes antesignanus antesto antestor antevenio anteverto anthias anticipatio anticipo anticus antidea antidotum antiquaria antiquarius antique antiquitas antiquitus antiquo antiquus antistes antistita antisto Antoniaster Antonius antrum anularius anulus anus anus anxie anxietas anxifer anxitudo anxius apage apeliotes aper aperio aperte apertus apex aphractus apicatus apis apiscor apium aplustre apocleti apodyterium Apollinaris Apollo apologus apoproegmenon apotheca apparate apparatio apparatus apparatus apparens appareo apparitio apparitor apparo appellatio appellator appellito appello appello appendicula appendix appendo Appenninicola Appenninigena appetens appetenter appetentia appetitio appetitus appetitus appeto appingo Appius applaudo applicatio applicatus applico apploro appono apporrectus apporto apposco apposite appositus apprecor apprehendo apprime apprimo approbatio approbator approbo appromitto appropero appropinquatio appropinquo appugno appulsus appulsus apricatio apricor apricus Aprilis aptatus apte apto aptus apud aput aqua aquarius aquaticus aquatilis aquatio aquator aquila aquilifer aquilo aquilonius Aquinas aquor aquosus aquula ara Arabs aranea araneola araneosus araneum araneus Arateus aratio arator aratrum arbiter arbitra arbitratus arbitratus arbitrium arbitro arbitror arbor arbos arboreus arbustum arbustus arbuteus arbutum arbutus arca Arcadicus arcano arcanus Arcas arceo arcessitus arcessitus arcesso archetypus Archiacus Archilochius archimagirus archipirata architector architectura architectus archon Arcitenens arcte Arctophylax Arctos arcturus arctus arcuatus arcula arcus ardea ardelio ardens ardenter ardeo ardesco ardor arduum arduus area arena arens areo Areopagus aresco aretalogus argentarius argentatus argenteus argentum argestes Argi argilla argitis argumentatio argumentor argumentum arguo argutatio argute argutiae arguto argutulus argutus argyraspides aridulus aridus aries arieto ariola arista arithmetica arma armamaxa armamenta armamentarium armarium armatura armatus armatus armentalis armentarius armentum armifer armiger armigera armilla armillatus Armilustrum armipotens armisonus armo Armoricae armus aro arquitenens arrabo arrepo ars arte arteria arthriticus articulatim articulus artifex artificiose artificiosus artificium artius arto artolaganus artopta artus artus arula arundifer aruspex arvina arvum arvus arx as ascea ascendo ascensio ascensus ascensus ascia ascio ascisco ascitus ascribo ascripticius ascriptio ascriptor ascriptus asella asellus asilus asinus asotus asparagus aspargo aspectabilis aspecto aspectus aspectus aspello asper aspere aspergo aspergo asperitas aspernatio aspernor aspero aspersio aspersus aspicio aspiratio aspiro aspis asportatio asporto aspreta assa assa asse- asser assi assus ast asterno astipulator astipulor astiti astituo asto astrepo astricte astrictus astringo astrologia astrologus astrum astruo astu astu astupeo astus astute astutia astutus asumbolus asylum asymbolus at Atabulus atat atavus Atellanus ater Athenae athleta atomus atque atqui atramentum atratus Atrides atriensis atriolum atrium atrocitas atrociter atrox attactus attactus attagen Attalicus attamen attat attegia attemperate attendo attente attentio attento attentus attenuate attenuatio attenuatus attenuo attero attestor attexo attice Atticus attineo attingo attollo attondeo attonitus attono attorqueo attraho attrectatus attrecto attribuo attributio attributum attritus au auceps aucte auctio auctionarius auctionor auctito auctius aucto auctor auctoramentum auctoritas auctoro auctumnalis auctus auctus aucupium aucupor audacia audacter audax audens audenter audentia audeo audiendus audiens audientia audio auditio auditor auditorium auditus auditus aufero aufugio augeo augesco augur auguralis auguratio augurato auguratus auguratus augurium augurius auguro auguror auguste augustus Augustus aula aulaeum aulicus auloedus aura auraria auratus aureolus aureus auricomus auricula aurifer aurifex auriga aurigena auriger auris auritulus auritus aurora aurum auscultator ausculto ausim auspex auspicato auspicatus auspicium auspicor auster austere austerus australis austrinus ausum ausus aut autem authepsa autor autumnalis autumnus autumnus autumo auxiliaris auxiliarius auxiliator auxilior auxilium avare avaritia avarus aveho avello avena aveo aveo Avernalis Avernus averro averrunco aversor aversor aversus averto aveto avia aviarium avide aviditas avidus avis avitus avius avocatio avoco avolo avunculus avus axis

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