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Verbs beginning with χ

χάζω (χαδ-) force back, usu. χάζομαι give way. Pres. act. in prose only ἀνα-χάζω Xen., χάσσομαι, ἀν-έχασσα Pind., δι-εχασάμην Xen. See also καδ-. Poetic, chiefly Epic. ( crossIII.) LSJ

χαίρω (χαρ-, χαρε-, χαιρε-) rejoice: χαιρήσω, κεχάρηκα, κεχάρημαι and κέχαρμαι Att. poetry, 2 aor. pass. ἐχάρην intrans. rejoiced, χαρτός. Hom. has 2 perf. act. part. κεχαρηώς, 1 aor. mid. χηράμην, 2 aor. mid. κεχαρόμην, fut. perf. κεχαρήσω and κεχαρήσομαι. ( crossIII.) (Attic) LSJ

χαλάω loosen: ἐχάλασα, ἐχαλάσθην ( cross489 e). Fut. χαλάσω Hippocr., aor. ἐχάλαξα Pind., perf. κεχάλακα Hippocr. (Attic) LSJ

χαλεπαίνω (χαλεπαν-) am offended: χαλεπανῶ, ἐχαλέπηνα, ἐχαλεπάνθην. ( crossIII.) (Attic) LSJ

χα-ν-δ-άνω (χενδ-, χονδ-, χαδ- for χδ-, cross35 b) contain: χείσομαι for χενδσεται, 2 aor. ἔχαδον, 2 perf. κέχανδα as pres. (κέχονδα? cp. v. 1. Ω cross192). Poetic (mostly Epic) and Ion. ( crossIV.) LSJ

χάσκω (χην-, χαν-; χάσκω for χ-σκω? cross35 b) gape: ἐγ-χανοῦμαι ( cross806), 2 aor. ἔχανον, 2 perf. κέχηνα am agape ( cross698). Ion., Epic, and in Aristoph. ( crossV.) (Attic) LSJ

χέζω (χεδ-, χοδ-), = Lat. caco: χεσοῦμαι ( cross540, cross806), rarely χέσομαι, ἔχεσα, 2 aor. ἔχεσον rare, 2 perf. κέχοδα, κέχεσμαι. ( crossIII.) (Attic) LSJ

χέω (χευ-, χεϝ-, χυ-) pour; on the contraction see cross397. In prose usu. in comp. (ἐξ, ἐν, κατά, σύν, etc.): fut. χέω ( cross541, cross1881), aor. ἔχεα ( cross543 a), κέχυκα, κέχυμαι, ἐχύθην, χυθήσομαι, χυτός. Mid. χέομαι pres. and fut., ἐχεάμην aor. Epic forms: pres. (rarely) χείω (Aeolic χεύω), fut. χεύω (?) β cross222, aor. also ἔχευα ( cross543 a), 1 aor. mid. ἐχευάμην = Att. ἐχεάμην, 2 aor. mid. athematic ἐχύμην as pass. (Attic) LSJ

χλαδ- in 2 perf. part. κεχλα_δώς swelling, pl. κεχλα_δοντας, inf. κεχλα_δειν. Pind. LSJ

χόω (= χοϝω) heap up: χώσω, ἔχωσα, ἀνα-κέχωκα, κέχωσμαι, ἐχώσθην, χωσθήσομαι, χωστός. Cp. cross489 a, c. (Attic) LSJ

χραισμέω (χραισμε-, χραισμ-) profit, pres. late: χραισμήσω, ἐχραίσμησα, 2 aor. ἔχραισμον. Hom. LSJ

*χράομαι (χρῶμαι) use (χρα-, χρη-): pres. χρῇ, χρῆται, etc. cross395, χρήσομαι, ἐχρησάμην, κέχρημαι have in use (poetic also have necessary), ἐχρήσθην ( cross489 e), χρηστός good, χρηστέος. Hdt. has χρᾶται, 3 pl. χρέωνται (from χρήονται), subj. χρέωμαι, imper. χρέω, inf. χρᾶσθαι (Ion. inscr. χρῆσθαι), part. χρεώμενος. Cp. cross641 D. Fut. perf. κεχρήσομαι Theocr. (Attic) LSJ

*ast;χράω (χρῶ) utter an oracle (χρα-, χρη-): pres. χρῇς, χρῇ, cross394 (sometimes in

-- 722 --

the meaning of χρῄζεις, χρῄζει), χρήσω, ἔχρησα, κέχρηκα, κέχρησμαι Hdt., ἐχρήσθην ( cross489 e). Mid. χράομαι (χρῶμαι) consult an oracle' χρήσομαι Ion., ἐχρησάμην Hdt. Cp. χρῄζω. cross522 b, cross641 D. Hdt. has χρέων. (Attic) LSJ

χρή it is necessary, ἀπό-χρη it suffices: see cross793. (Attic) LSJ

χρῄζω want, ask, Att. chiefly pres. and imperf.: χρῄσω. Epic and Ion. χρηΐζω (later χρεΐζω): χρηΐσω, ἐχρήϊσα. cross512. ( crossIII.) (Attic) LSJ

χρι_ω (χρι_- for χρι_ς-) anoint, sting: χρι_σω, ἔχρι_σα, κέχρι_μαι (and κέχρι_σμαι?) cross489 b), ἐχρι_σθην ( cross489 e) Tragic, χρι_στός Tragic. (Attic) LSJ

χρῴζω (for χρω-ίζω; cp. χρώ-ς complexion) colour, stain: κέχρωσμαι ( cross489 c; (better κέχρῳσμαι?), ἐχρώσθην (ἐχρῴσθην?). Poetic χροΐζω. cross512. ( crossIII.) (Attic) LSJ

χωρέω give place, go: regular. Fut. χωρήσω and χωρήσομαι cross806 a. (Attic) LSJ

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Herbert Weir Smyth [n.d.], A Greek Grammar for Colleges; Machine readable text [info] [word count] [Smyth].
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