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Verbs beginning with β

βαδίζω go: βαδιοῦμαι ( cross806), βεβάδικα Aristotle, βαδιστέος. cross512. ( crossIII.) (Attic) LSJ

βάζω (βακ-) speak, utter: βάξω, βέβακται. Poetic. ( crossIII.) LSJ

βαίνω (βα-, βαν-, cross523 h) go: -βήσομαι ( cross806), 2 aor. -έβην ( cross551, cross682 a, cross687), βέβηκα, 2 perf. βεβᾶσι (subj. -βεβῶσι, cross704 a), -βέβαμαι rare, -εβάθην rare, βατός, δια-βατέος. The simple verb appears in Att. prose only in the pres. and perf. act. Epic aor. mid. ἐβησάμην (rare) and ἐβησόμην ( cross542 D.). Causative (make go) are βήσω poetic, ἔβησα poetic and Ion. prose. Cp. also βάσκω, βιβάω, βίβημι. cross530. ( crossIII. crossIV.) (Attic) LSJ

βάλλω (βαλ-, βλη-, cross128 a, βαλλε-) throw: βαλῶ in good prose in comp. (βαλλήσω Aristoph. of continued action), 2 aor. ἔβαλον (-όμην usu. in comp.), βέβληκα, βέβλημαι (opt. δια-βεβλῇσθε, cross711 d), ἐβλήθην, fut. pass. βληθήσομαι, fut. perf. βεβλήσομαι usu. in comp., ἀπο-βλητέος. Epic forms of the fut. are ξυμβλήσεαι; of the 2 aor. act. ξυμ-βλήτην ( cross688), ξυμ-βλήμεναι; of the 2 aor

-- 690 --

mid. as pass. ἐβλήμην (subj. βλήεται, opt. βλῇο or βλεῖο, inf. βλῆσθαι, part. βλήμενος); of the perf. 2 s. βέβληαι and 1 s. βεβόλημαι. ( crossIII.) (Attic) LSJ

βάπ-τω (βαφ-) dip: ἐμ-βάψω, ἔβαψα, βέβαμμαι, 2 aor. pass. ἐβάφην (1 aor. pass. ἐβάφθην Aristoph.), βαπτός. ( crossII.) (Attic) LSJ

βαρυ_νω (βαρυν-) load, annoy: βαρυνῶ, ἐβαρύνθην. ( crossIII.) (Attic) LSJ

βάσκω (βα-) go: poetic form of βαίνω. ἐπιβασκέμεν B cross234 cause to go. ( crossV.) (Attic) LSJ

βαστάζω (βασταδ-) carry: βαστάσω, ἐβάστασα. Poetic. Late forms are from βασταγ-. ( crossIII.) LSJ

βήττω (βηχ-) cough. Ion. are βήξω, ἔβηξα. (Attic) LSJ

βιβάζω (βα-) make go: usu. comp. W. ἀνά, διά, etc. in prose: -βιβάσω (-ομαι) and -βιβῶ ( cross539 d), -εβίβασα, ἐβιβάσθην Aristotle, -βιβαστέος. cross447 a, cross512. ( crossIII.) (Attic) LSJ

βιβάω (βα-) step: part. βιβῶν. Epic. LSJ

βίβημι (βα-) go: part. βιβα_ς. Epic. LSJ

βι-βρώ-σκω (βρω-) eat: βέβρωκα (2 perf. part. βεβρώς poetic), βέβρωμαι, ἐβρώθην Hdt., fut. perf. βεβρώσομαι Hom., βρωτός Eur. Epic 2 aor. ἔβρων ( cross688). In Att. other tenses than perf. act. and pass. are supplied from ἐσθίω. ( crossV.) (Attic) LSJ

βιόω live (for pres. and imperf. ζάω and βιοτεύω were preferred): βιώσομαι ( cross806), ἐβίωσα rare, 2 aor. ἐβίων ( cross687), βεβίωκα, βεβίωται (with the dat. of a pronoun), βιωτός, -τέος. (Attic) LSJ

(βιώσκομαι) usu. ἀνα-βιώσκομαι reanimate, revive intrans.: ἀν-εβίωσα late Att., intrans., ἀν-εβιωσάμην reanimated, 2 aor. ἀν-εβίων intrans. ( crossV.) (Attic) LSJ

βλάπ-τω (βλαβ-) hurt, injure: βλάψω, ἔβλαψα, βέβλαφα, βέβλαμμαι, ἐβλάφθην and 2 aor. ἐβλάβην, fut. mid. βλάψομαι (also as pass., cross809), 2 fut. pass. βλαβήσομαι, fut. perf. βεβλάψομαι Ion. Cp. βλάβομαι am injured T cross82. ( crossII.) (Attic) LSJ

βλαστ-άνω (βλαστ-, βλαστε-) sprout: 2 aor. ἔβλαστον, βεβλάστηκα (less often ἐβλάστηκα, cross440 a). ἐβλάστησα Ion. and poetic. ( crossIV.) (Attic) LSJ

βλέπω see: βλέψομαι ( cross806), ἔβλεψα, βλεπτέος, -τός poetic. Hdt. has fut. ἀναβλέψω. βλέπομαι is rare in pass. sense. (Attic) LSJ

βλίττω for μ (β) λιτ-ῖω (from μλιτ-, cp. μέλι, μέλιτ-ος honey, cross130) take honey: ἔβλισα. ( crossIII.) (Attic) LSJ

βλώ-σκω for μ (β) λω-σκω from μολ-, μλω- ( cross130 D.) go: fut. μολοῦμαι ( cross806), 2 aor. ἔμολον, perf. μέμβλωκα. Poetic. ( crossV.) LSJ

βοάω shout: βοήσομαι ( cross806), ἐβόησα. Ion. are βώσομαι, ἔβωσα, βέβωμαι, ἐβώσθην. Cp. cross59 D. 1, cross489 g. (Attic) LSJ

βό-σκω (βο-, βοσκ-, βοσκε-) feed: βοσκήσω and βοσκητέος Aristoph. βόσκομαι eat. ( crossV.) (Attic) LSJ

βούλομαι (βουλ-, βουλε-) W. augment ἐβουλ- or ἠβουλ- ( cross430) will, wish: βουλήσομαι, βεβούλημαι, ἐβουλήθην, βουλητός, -τέος Aristotle. Epic 2 perf. προβέβουλα prefer. Hom. has also βόλομαι. (Attic) LSJ

βραχ-: 2 aor. () βραχε, βραχεῖν resound. Epic. (Attic) LSJ

βρέχω wet: ἔβρεξα, βέβρεγμαι, ἐβρέχθην. (Attic) LSJ

βρίζω slumber, am drowsy: ἔβριξα. Poetic. cross512. ( crossIII.) LSJ

βρι_θω am heavy: βρι_σω, ἔβρι_σα, βέβρι_θα. Mainly poetic. LSJ

βροχ- swallow, often W. ἀνά, κατά: -έβροξε, 2 perf. -βέβροχε, 2 aor. pass. part. -βροχείς. The common verb is κατα-βροχθίζω (Aristoph.). Epic. (Attic) LSJ

βρυ_κω bite, grind the teeth: βρύξω ( cross147 c), ἔβρυξα, 2 aor. ἔβρυχον. Chiefly Ion. (Attic) LSJ

βρυ_χάομαι (βρυ_χ-, cross486) roar: βέβρυ_χα as pres. (poetic), ἀν-εβρυ_χησάμην Plato, βρυ_χηθείς Soph.

-- 691 --

(Attic) LSJ

βρώ-θω eat: 2 perf. opt. βεβρώθοις Δ cross35. Cp. βιβρώσκω. LSJ

βυ_νέω (βυ_- for βυς-) stop up, often W. ἐπί, πρό: -βυ_σω, -έβυ_σα, βέβυσμαι, παράβυστος. Hdt. has δια-βυ_νεται. Comic and Ion. ( crossIV.) (Attic) LSJ

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Herbert Weir Smyth [n.d.], A Greek Grammar for Colleges; Machine readable text [info] [word count] [Smyth].
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