Herbert Weir Smyth [n.d.], A Greek Grammar for Colleges; Machine readable text [info] [word count] [Smyth].
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This class includes some irregular verbs, one or more of whose tense-stems are quite different from others, as Eng. am, was, be, Lat. sum, fui. For the full list of forms see the List of Verbs.

1. αἱρέω (αἱρε-, ἑλ-) take, fut. αἱρήσω, ᾕρηκα, etc., 2 aor. εἷλον.

2. εἶδον (ϝιδ-, ἰδ-) saw, vidi, 2 aorist (with no present act.); 2 pf. οἶδα know ( cross794). Middle εἴδομαι (poetic). εἶδον is used as 2 aor. of ὁράω (see below).

3. εἶπον (εἰπ-, ἐρ-, ῥε-) spoke, 2 aor. (no pres.); fut. (ἐρέω) ἐρῶ, perf. εἴ-ρη-κα, εἴρημαι, aor. pass. ἐρρήθην. The stem ἐρ- is for ϝερ-, seen in Lat. ver-bum. (Cp. cross492.) ῥε- is for ϝρε, hence εἴρημαι for ϝε-ϝρη-μαι.

4. ἔρχομαι (ἐρχ-, ἐλευθ-, ἐλυθ-, ἐλθ-), go. Fut. ἐλεύσομαι (usually poet.), 2 perf. ἐλήλυθα, 2 aor. ἦλθον. The Attic future is εἶμι shall go ( cross774). The imperf. and the moods of the pres. other than the indic. use the forms of εἶμι.

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5. ἐσθίω (ἐσθ-, ἐδ-, φαγ-) eat, fut. ἔδομαι ( cross541), pf. ἐδήδοκα, -ἐδήδεσμαι, ἠδέσθην, 2 aor. ἔφαγον.

6. ὁράω (ὁρα-, ὀπ-, ϝιδ-) see, fut. ὄψομαι, perf. ἑώρα_κα or ἑόρα_κα, perf. mid. ἑώρα_μαι or ὦμμαι (ὠπ-μαι), ὤφθην, 2 aor. εἶδον (see cross2 above).

7. πάσχω (παθ-, πενθ-) suffer, fut. πείσομαι for πενθ-σομαι ( cross100), 2 pf. πέπονθα, 2 aor. ἔπαθον. (See cross526 d.)

8. πί_νω (πι-, πο-) drink, from πἱ_-ν-ω ( cross523 a), fut. πί_ομαι ( cross541), pf. πέπωκα, 2 aor. ἔπιον, imp. πῖθι ( cross466. 1, a, cross687).

9. τρέχω (τρεχ- for θρεχ- ( cross125 g), δραμ-, δραμε-) run, fut. δραμοῦμαι, pf. δεδράμηκα, 2 aor. ἔδραμον.

10. φέρω (φερ-, οἰ-, ἐνεκ-, by reduplication and syncope ἐν-ενεκ and ἐνεγκ-) bear; fut. οἴσω, aor. ἤνεγκα, perf. ἐν-ήνοχ-α ( cross446, cross478), ἐν-ήνεγ-μαι, aor. pass. ἠνέχθην.

11. ὠνέομαι (ὠνε-, πρια-) buy, fut. ὠνήσομαι, perf. ἐώνημαι, ἐωνήθην. For ἐωνησάμην the form ἐπριάμην is used.

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Herbert Weir Smyth [n.d.], A Greek Grammar for Colleges; Machine readable text [info] [word count] [Smyth].
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