Herbert Weir Smyth [n.d.], A Greek Grammar for Colleges; Machine readable text [info] [word count] [Smyth].
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ὁ Σωκράτης Socratesὁ Δημοσθένης Demosthenes
(Σωκρατες-) (Δημοσθενες-)
Gen. (Σωκράτε-ος) Σωκράτους (Δημοσθένε-ος) Δημοσθένους
Dat. (Σωκράτε-ι) Σωκράτει (Δημοσθένε-ι) Δημοσθένει
Acc. (Σωκράτε-α) Σωκράτη (Δημοσθένε-α) Δημοσθένη

ἡ τριήρηςτὸ γένοςτὸ γέρας
(τριηρες-) (γενες-) (γερας-)
Gen. (τριήρε-ος) τριήρους (γένε-ος) γένους (γέρα-ος) γέρως
Dat. (τριήρε-ι) τριήρει (γένε-ι) γένει (γέρα-ι) γέραι
Acc. (τριήρε-α) τριήρηγένοςγέρας

N. A. V. (τριήρε-ε) τριήρει (γένε-ε) γένει (γέρα-ε) γέρα_
G. D. (τριηρέ-οιν) τριήροιν (γενέ-οιν) γενοῖν (γερά-οιν) γερῷν

N. V. (τριήρε-ες) τριήρεις (γένε-α) γένη (γέρα-α) γέρα_
Gen. (τριηρέ-ων) τριήρων (γενέ-ων) γενῶν (γερά-ων) γερῶν
Dat. (τριήρες-σι) τριήρεσι (ν) (γένες-σι) γένεσι (ν) (γέρας-σι) γέρασι (ν )
Acc.τριήρεις (γένε-α) γένη (γέρα-α) γέρα_

Διογένης Diogenes, Ἱπποκράτης Hippocrates. Neuters: ἔτος year, εὖρος width, ξίφος sword, τεῖχος wall, γῆρας old age, κρέας flesh (for κέρας horn see cross258).

a. Proper names in -ης have recessive accent in the vocative.

b. Proper names in -γένης, -κράτης, -μένης, -φάνης, etc., may have an accus. in -ην derived from the first declension. Thus, Σωκράτην, Ἀριστοφάνην, like Ἀτρείδην ( cross222, cross282 N.). But names in -κλῆς ( cross265) have only -εα_.

c. Proper names in -ης often show -εος, -εα in the lyric parts of tragedy.

d. Neuters in -ος often show open forms (especially -εων) in Attic poetry. -εων is frequent in Xenophon.

e. τριήροιν and τριήρων have irregular accent by analogy to the other forms.

f. A preceding ρ does not prevent the contraction of εα to η, as ὄρη from τὸ ὄρος mountain (cp. cross31. 1).

g. The dat. sing. of ας stems is properly -αι; but -ᾳ is often written on the authority of the ancient grammarians. This may possibly be due to the analogy of in α_ stems.

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Herbert Weir Smyth [n.d.], A Greek Grammar for Colleges; Machine readable text [info] [word count] [Smyth].
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