Pinkster, Harm (1942-) [1990], Latin Syntax and Semantics [info], xii, 320 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [word count] [Pinkster].
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5.1. Cases, prepositions and subordinators

Cases, prepositions and subordinators share one characteristic: they can formally mark both arguments and satellites. I first give three examples of arguments characterized in this way, then three of satellites:

(1) nostrae laudi dignitatique favisti (`You have stimulated my fame and esteem', Cic. Fam. 1.7.8)

(2) versabor in re difficili (`I will engage in a difficult matter', Cic. Leg. 3.33)

(3) nihil mihi optatius cadere posse quam ut (`that nothing could be more desirable than that', Cic. Att. 3.1) [Note]

(4) cui flavam religas comam? (`For whom do you bind up your blond hair?', Hor. C. 1.5.4)

(5) in maximis meis doloribus excruciat me valetudo Tulliae nostrae (`In this period of greatest sadness the health of my Tullia troubles me', Cic. Fam. 14.19)

-- 40 --

(6) esse oportet ut vivas, non vivere ut edas (`One ought to eat in order to live, not live in order to eat', Rhet. Her. 4.39.4)

It will be argued below for each of these categories that it is of little relevance to speak of a proper semantic value of these relators within the nuclear predication, whereas it is relevant with regard to their use in the periphery. A special subsection will be devoted to the relationship between prepositions and cases. With some verbs, an obligatory constituent can occur both in the form of a prepositional phrase and in the form of a noun phrase exclusively characterized by a case:

(7) hoc me libera miserum metu (`Liberate me, unhappy one, from this fear', Ter. An. 351)

(8) multos … a summo discrimine mortis liberavit (`He liberated many from the greatest mortal danger', Larg. 70)

With satellites, too, in particular instances there is sometimes a choice between a prepositional phrase and a noun phrase.

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Pinkster, Harm (1942-) [1990], Latin Syntax and Semantics [info], xii, 320 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [word count] [Pinkster].
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