Pinkster, Harm (1942-) [1990], Latin Syntax and Semantics [info], xii, 320 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [word count] [Pinkster].
Editorial Statement

Routledge publish the Romance Linguistics series under the editorship of Martin Harris (University of Essex) and Nigel Vincent (University of Manchester).

Romance Philogy and General Linguistics have followed sometimes converging sometimes diverging paths over the last century and a half. With the present series we wish to recognise and promote the mutual interaction of the two disciplines. The focus is deliberately wide, seeking to encompass not only work in the phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and lexis of the Romance languages, but also studies in the history of Romance linguistics and linguistic thought in the Romance cultural area. Some of the volumes will be devoted to particular aspects of individual languages, some will be comparative in nature; some will adopt a synchronic and some a diachronic slant; some will concentrate on linguistic structures, and some will investigate the sociocultural dimensions of language and language use in the Romance-speaking territories. Yet all will endorse the view that a General Linguistics that ignores the always rich and often unique data of Romance is as impoverished as a Romance Philogy that turns its back on the insights of linguistics theory.

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Romance Linguistics

Series Editors: Martin Harris, University of Essex and Nigel Vincent, University of Manchester

Structures and Transformations
Christopher J. Pountain

Weakening Processes in the History of Spanish Consonants
Raymond Harris-Northall

Spanish Word Formation
M.F. Lang

Tense and Text
Dulcie Engel

Variation and Change in French
John N. Green and Wendy Ayres-Bennett

Tense and Narrativity
Suzanne Fleischman

Latin Syntax and Semantics
Harm Pinkster

Discourse-Pragmatic Approaches to the Verb
Suzanne Fleischman and Linda R. Waugh

Also available:

The Romance Languages
Martin Harris and Nigel Vincent

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Pinkster, Harm (1942-) [1990], Latin Syntax and Semantics [info], xii, 320 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [word count] [Pinkster].
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