Plautus, Rudens (English) (XML Header) [genre: poetry; drama; comedy] [word count] [Pl. Rud.].

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 <title>Rudens (English)</title>
 <editor role="transl">Henry Thomas Riley</editor>
 <sponsor>Perseus Project, Tufts University</sponsor>
 		<principal>Gregory Crane</principal>
 		<resp>Prepared under the supervision of</resp>
 		<name>Lisa Cerrato</name>
 		<name>William Merrill</name>
 		<name>Elli Mylonas</name>
 		<name>David Smith</name>
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 		<publisher>Trustees of Tufts University</publisher>
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 <title>The Comedies of Plautus</title>
 <editor role="transl">Henry Thomas Riley</editor>
 <publisher>G. Bell and Sons</publisher>
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 <language id="en">English</language>

	<keywords scheme="genre">
		<term>poetry; drama; comedy</term>
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 <castItem type="role"><role><placeName key="tgn,1092347" authname="tgn,1092347">Arcturus</placeName>, </role><roleDesc>who speaks the Prologue.</roleDesc></castItem>
 <castItem type="role"><role>Daemones, </role><roleDesc>an aged Athenian, now living at <placeName key="tgn,7000639" authname="tgn,7000639">Cyrene</placeName>.</roleDesc></castItem>
 <castItem type="role"><role>Plesidippus, </role><roleDesc>a young Athenian, in love with Palæstra.</roleDesc></castItem>
 <castItem type="role"><role>Sceparnio, </role><roleDesc>Servant of Dæmones.</roleDesc></castItem>
 <castItem type="role"><role>Gripus,</role></castItem>
 <castItem type="role"><role>Turbalio,</role></castItem>
 <castItem type="role"><role>Sparax,</role></castItem>
 <castItem type="role"><role>Trachalio, </role><roleDesc>the servant of Plesidippus.</roleDesc></castItem>
 <castItem type="role"><role>Labrax, </role><roleDesc>a Procurer.</roleDesc></castItem>
 <castItem type="role"><role>Charmides, </role><roleDesc>a Sicilian, his guest.</roleDesc></castItem>
 <castItem type="role"><role>Fishermen of <placeName key="tgn,7000639" authname="tgn,7000639">Cyrene</placeName>.</role></castItem>
 <castItem type="role"><role>Ptolemocratia, </role><roleDesc>Priestess of Venus.</roleDesc></castItem>
 <castItem type="role"><role>Palaestra, </role><roleDesc>Young women in the possession of Labrax.</roleDesc></castItem>
 <castItem type="role"><role>Ampelisca,</role></castItem>
 <stage>Scene.--Near Cyrene, in <placeName key="tgn,7001242" authname="tgn,7001242">Africa</placeName>; not far from the sea-shore, and before the cottage of Daemones and the Temple of Venus, which has, probably, a small court before it, surrounded with a low wall.</stage>

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Plautus, Rudens (English) (XML Header) [genre: poetry; drama; comedy] [word count] [Pl. Rud.].
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