Plautus, Amphitruo (XML Header) [genre: poetry; drama; comedy] [word count] [Pl. Am.].

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 <teiHeader type="text" status="new">
 <title type="work" n="Am.">Amphitruo</title>
 <author n="Pl.">Plautus</author>
 <editor role="editor" n="Leo">F. Leo</editor>
 <sponsor>Perseus Project, Tufts University</sponsor>
 		<principal>Gregory Crane</principal>
 		<resp>Prepared under the supervision of</resp>
 		<name>Lisa Cerrato</name>
 		<name>William Merrill</name>
 		<name>Elli Mylonas</name>
 		<name>David Smith</name>
 <funder n="org:NEH">The National Endowment for the Humanities</funder>
 <extent>about 71Kb</extent>
 		<publisher>Trustees of Tufts University</publisher>
 		<pubPlace>Medford, MA</pubPlace>
 		<authority>Perseus Project</authority>
 		<availability status="free">
This text may be freely distributed, subject to the following
 	<item>You credit Perseus, as follows, whenever you use the document:
 	  <quote>Text provided by Perseus Digital Library, with funding from The National Endowment for the Humanities. Original version available for viewing and download at</quote>
 	<item>You leave this availability statement intact.</item>
 	<item>You use it for non-commercial purposes only.</item>
 	<item>You offer Perseus any modifications you make.</item>
 <sourceDesc default="NO">
 <biblStruct default="NO">
 <author>T. Maccius Plautus</author>
 <title>Plauti Comoediae</title>
 <editor role="editor">F. Leo</editor>
 <refsDecl doctype="TEI.2">
 <state unit="line" />

    <langUsage default="NO">
 	<language id="la">Latin
	<keywords scheme="genre">
		<term>poetry; drama; comedy</term>
 <item>Base TEI tagging.
 <change><date>10 August 1999</date>
 <respStmt><name>David Smith</name><resp>ed.</resp></respStmt>
 $Log: pl.am_lat.xml,v $
 Revision 1.2 2005/08/01 16:22:22 packel
 new XML version
 Revision 1.1 2005/07/25 14:58:36 packel
 Converted to XML
 Revision 1.12 2005/03/07 19:29:46 mimno
 changed refsdecls from step to state
 Revision 1.11 2003/07/01 22:17:31 yorkc
 Updated texts to TEI P4 and Perseus P4 extensions; minor cleanup (esp. character encodings and typos.)
 Revision 1.10 2003/06/05 18:17:31 amahoney
 remove scene break at last three lines
 Revision 1.9 2002/10/29 22:50:44 amahoney
 separate Mercury's prologue from the scene with Sosia, so the first chunk is manageable in size
 Revision 1.8 2002/05/23 18:11:27 amahoney
 mark all the apostrophe-s as abbreviations
 Revision 1.7 2002/05/21 17:55:30 amahoney
 use quote entities so the apostrophes are clearly distinct
 Revision 1.6 2000/03/06 22:09:21 amahoney
 remove title headers so acts go into short toc
 Revision 1.5 2000/03/04 20:35:10 dasmith
 Added separate funder entity to TEI header.
 Revision 1.4 2000/01/28 17:27:40 amahoney
 correct parse errors (capital-U with acute can't be a V, can't put
 an ictus mark on "st" since no entity for t+acute)
 Revision 1.3 2000/01/13 00:04:48 dasmith
 Corrected Latin ID.
 Fixed Aulularia title.
 Revision 1.2 1999/08/10 21:53:22 dasmith
 Tagged through line numbers separately.
 Revision 1.1 1999/08/10 14:48:07 textgod
 Added to repository.


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Plautus, Amphitruo (XML Header) [genre: poetry; drama; comedy] [word count] [Pl. Am.].
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