Henry George Liddell; Robert Scott [1940], A Greek-English Lexicon; Machine readable text (Trustees of Tufts University, Oxford) [word count] [greatscott01].

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  <teiHeader status="new" type="text">
 	<title>A Greek-English Lexicon</title>
 	<title type="sub">Machine readable text</title>
 	<author>Henry George Liddell</author>
 	<author>Robert Scott</author>
    <sponsor>Perseus Project, Tufts University</sponsor>
 		<principal>Gregory Crane</principal>
 		<resp>Prepared under the supervision of</resp>
 		<name>Lisa Cerrato</name>
 		<name>William Merrill</name>
 		<name>Elli Mylonas</name>
 		<name>David Smith</name>
    <funder n="org:NSF">The National Science Foundation</funder>
 		<publisher>Trustees of Tufts University</publisher>
 		<pubPlace>Medford, MA</pubPlace>
 		<authority>Perseus Project</authority>
    <sourceDesc default="NO">
 	<biblStruct default="NO">
 	  <author>Henry George Liddell</author>
 	  <author>Robert Scott</author>
 	  <title>A Greek-English Lexicon</title>
 	   <resp>revised and augmented throughout by</resp>
 	   <name>Sir Henry Stuart Jones</name>
 	   <resp>with the assistance of</resp>
 	   <name>Roderick McKenzie</name>
 	   <publisher>Clarendon Press</publisher>
 	 <idno type="ISBN">0198642261</idno>
    <refsDecl doctype="TEI.2">
 	<state n="chunk" unit="entry" />
    <refsDecl doctype="TEI.2">
 	<state unit="alphabetic letter" />
 	<state unit="entry" />
    <refsDecl doctype="TEI.2">
 	<state n="chunk" unit="section" />
    <langUsage default="NO">
 	<language id="en">English
 	</language><language id="greek">Greek
 	</language><language id="la">Latin
 	</language><language id="fr">French
    <change><date>22 September 2000</date>
 $Log: lsj.xml,v $

Revision 2.0 2010/08/19 Helma Dik
checked alphabetized div2 heads to find misspelled or mistakenly split entries. 
Note: I mostly left items out of alphabetical order that are out of alphabetical order in print edition. 
Removed any [] and - from divheads; kept those in orth_orig. 

 Revision 1.2 2004/12/14 20:14:41 packel
 added id tags to entries/senses
 Revision 1.1 2004/11/22 17:05:46 packel
 converted to P4/XML
 Revision 1.5 2004/10/07 14:57:49 packel
 ϟ/[san  ] -> koppa/san
 Revision 1.4 2004/09/02 15:31:17 packel
 for entries w/ identical keys, appended numbers to keys to distinguish them
 Revision 1.3 2004/06/16 17:50:22 lcerrato
 added entry for bioteuw, which was not separate from previous word
 also fixed polemou in same entry
 added space in entry for mwros after esti
 fixed translation which ended around key word because of typesetting in entry sxhmatizw
 fixed typos in entry for epignamptw
 Revision 1.2 2004/06/15 21:06:38 lcerrato
 1. malignant for malignat
 2. pe/rnhmi for perneul in piprasko entry
 3. removed space a)sebh/mata/
 4. removed for remoued
 5. vulgar for vhlgar
 6. a)nh/r for a)nh/o
 7. ravaging for rauaging
 8. bathe for dathe
 9. of light for oflight
 10. interperted to interpreted
 11. possil to possit
 12. trun to turn
 13. witty for wilty
 Revision 1.1 2003/01/09 22:34:05 amahoney
 this is now the official copy
 Revision 1.4 2001/04/14 00:48:17 dasmith
 Added funder.
 Revision 1.3 2001/02/28 20:07:01 dasmith
 Made headers mixed case.
 Revision 1.2 2001/02/23 20:46:20 dasmith
 Added preface.
 Revision 1.1 2000/12/07 21:14:07 dasmith
 Moved from special LSJ directory.
 Revision 1.5 2000/10/06 22:54:24 dasmith
 Chunk front matter on sections.
 Revision 1.4 2000/10/03 16:06:06 dasmith
 Fixed sourceDesc title.
 Added ISBN.
 Revision 1.3 2000/09/26 23:59:09 dasmith
 I didn't mean to make alphabetic letters chunk.
 Revision 1.2 2000/09/26 23:42:22 dasmith
 Added alphabet to refsDecl.
 Revision 1.1 2000/09/23 00:32:34 dasmith
 Preamble and TEI header for loose SGML LSJ.

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Henry George Liddell; Robert Scott [1940], A Greek-English Lexicon; Machine readable text (Trustees of Tufts University, Oxford) [word count] [greatscott01].
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